Someone messaged me on Facebook the other day and was asking if I had any videos showing how I work. Unfortunately I don’t really, I take snap shots of work in progress and post them up occasionally but it made me think of this video of Terry Gilliam on Bob Godfrey’s Do It Yourself Show from 1974.

Whilst sporting an amazing haircut, he talks us through how he creates his famous style of animation. When I watched this video I was so excited to see that the way he creates his work, all the familiar little techniques, is exactly how I work. To know you’re doing it the same way as him is pretty special. (Apart from laying a sheet of glass on top of his artwork to keep it flat.. I’m still unsure of how to do that and not film a reflection of the camera in the shot..)

Anyway, the main thing is if you watch this you’ll not only see how this legend works.. but also get the idea of how I do as well. Watch it. It’s a lovely clip of both animators having fun showing how they work.

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